Shopping for clothing safely during the covid pandemic

It’s been months since we have been quarantined at home. The only time we have been out being just to shop for groceries and everything other thing was bought online. Now, states are opening slowly with strict COVID protocols. Even retail stores selling non-essentials goods like apparel and accessories are opening up. But the truth is that the pandemic has also attacked us mentally and the fright of COVID will be there for a long time, so much so that even with all precautions, compulsory sanitation and strict rules, people are still not comfortable stepping out into a store to shop again.

An average of just 35 per cent of shoppers is willing to shop at stores and malls. Out of this 35 per cent, 60 per cent of females and 52 per cent of males would not like to use the trial room. Even with the majority of people not wanting to shop at stores, there are still a few who are comfortable walking into a store and even try the clothes before paying for them. This small group of people are the ones who believe that post-COVID, if protocols like sanitization, wearing masks and keeping the number of people limited are followed, then there is nothing to worry about while shopping at a store or vising a shopping mall.

If you really want to shop for clothes by physically feeling and trying them at a regular walk-in store, but are still in dilemma whether it is safe or not, some somethings can help you by keeping you safe thus eliminating the risk factor of getting COVID. Below is all that you need to know of the way things have changed post-COVID.

Is trying clothes safe?

The majority of the stores that have become operational have kept the dressing or trial rooms closed. Still, some are allowing the shoppers to try before they buy. Is this step taken by selected store right or wrong is up to one’s discretion but if you do come across such store, then move on at your risk is what experts say. How long does the virus survive on fabric is not known as there has not been an in-depth study on this. Since we are talking about a virus here, it is to be noted that if an infected person touches the fabric, then the spread of the virus will be only by touching your face or eyes after coming in contact with the compromised fabric. The best is to avoid trying anything that comes in contact with the face and eyes, this includes sunglasses and scarves too. Always sanitize your hands before and after trying the clothes.

What should you carry when moving out to shop at a shopping mall or store?

Nearly all stores are ready with hand sanitisers for customers. But carrying one with yourself is always a good idea. Just in case the store has run out of stock then you are ready with your own. As per the CDC, at least 60 per cent alcohol is a must in a sanitiser and it must be used both before entering the store and after leaving the store.

Apart from the sanitiser, CDC says that wearing a mask is a must while you shop at a public place to avoid getting infected and also to avoid spreading COVID if you are infected.

Apart from sanitiser and mask, you should also carry sanitizing wipes as CDC advises to wipe areas that are touched most of the time to be wiped regularly. These areas include knobs or handles of all the doors and windows, wardrobe and drawer pull and more. Many stores and malls have professional teams that keep on sanitizing all such areas, still carrying one with yourself will mean more precautions.

Is sanitizing new clothes necessary?

As per the CDC, there is no need to worry about getting the virus to your homes when shopping for new products. All the stores are following very strict procedures to sanitize the store and the goods sold. You do not need to sanitize new clothes. But if you are still worried, then you can simply keep it out for a few days as coronavirus can survive for a maximum of 72 hours on surfaces.

I am still not sure to shop at a store again, what to do?

If you are still worried and would not like to shop in a store in person, there is nothing to worry about it. You can shop for anything and everything online. From clothes to shoes to activewear and more, just visit any online store and shop to get the products right to your doorstep.