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Coupon Codes for Dummies

Coupon Codes are also termed coupons, promo codes, promotional codes, voucher codes and discount codes. These are alphanumeric strings that are provided by online stores to lure shoppers to buy at their online store. This is one of the most well-known marketing tricks. The discount can be applied to a single product or a specific category of products or even as a sitewide offer. This post will explain how coupon codes work.

How do Coupons Work?

Primarily, one has to know that a discount is provided to an online shopper using a coupon code. This discount can be in the form of a fixed amount or a percentage of the price of the product. Apart from the discount, coupon codes can also be an offer for the free shipping of the parcel. The main intention here is to give the shopper a reason to buy from the store.

What makes Coupon Codes Work?

A store issues a coupon code to lure customers to shop from their website. This turns out to be a win-win situation for the buyer and seller. The buyer gets the product at a discount and the seller completes a sale.

Apart from getting new customers, coupons can also be a great tool to get back old customers. The simple reason is that any offer is welcome for a buyer and it creates an impact on a buyers shopping pattern. It a common human nature to feel happy when they use a coupon and this creates a bonding with the store.

How to use a Coupon Code?

After the promotion code is entered during checkout, the discount amount is automatically calculated and the shopping cart value is updated. There is always a condition attached to the coupon code, for example, if the discount offer is 20% then it might have the condition that the minimum cart value has to be $80 or more. By this, it means that the coupon code is only valid if the shopping cart total is $80 or more. The coupon can be attached to a specific product or a product or a category.

Multiple Coupon Codes

A store can give out multiple offers and coupons. This gives customer options. Here the example of multiple coupons can be as follows:

  • 10% off Entire Order
  • 20% Off on Orders above $150
    Multiple offers like these can help a store sell more and in turn, helps the customer save more. As mentioned above, this too is a win-win situation for both.

Types of Coupon Codes

Nowadays there are numerous types of coupons that are released by sellers. Three of the most common ones are explained below:

Public Coupon Codes: These codes can be redeemed by anybody. Any shopper can find this coupon and used it to get an instant discount on their purchases. These are usually released by sellers to lure new customers and get existing customers to come back and shop again.

Private Coupon Codes: These codes are given out by sellers to a selected group of customers. Its usually given to loyal customers for a specific deal. The code may be applicable for buying a product the first time.

Restricted Coupons: These are special codes that are created specifically for one customer and cannot be used more than once. These are sent to specific customers on their special days, like Birthdays or Anniversary. It can also be sent to a customer in the event of a delay in delivery as well as a thank you for shopping at the store.

This post is just to give you a basic idea of the functioning of a coupon code and the benefits of using these both from the point of view of the buyers and as well as the seller.

4 Tips to Get the Best Online Deals on Flower Delivery

Ordering flower online is not very new. But this is not something that is done by many. There are still some who will still prefer to order flowers from a physical store. If this is the first time you are trying to order flowers online and don’t know much about it, then this is the right place you have come to and the 4 tips below will help you in getting the best possible deal.

Use coupon codes

There is a coupon code for everything today. The best part is that it’s absolutely free and using it saves some money. The amount of savings varies from store to store but in case of an online florist, the savings on an average can go up to $25 on an order. When you select a bouquet or a basket of flower from an online florist, be sure to search for a coupon for it. A simple search online will give you a list of many websites from where you can get offers and deals for not just online florist but also many other categories of stores.

You may also see special offers and discounts on some selected flowers and bouquet setup. Some deals can even save you up to 45% at some stores. So it is always best for you to visit a few online florist websites to see which online store gives you the best deal. In fact, you can even first search for a coupon and then visit the store that gives you the best discount when the specific coupon is applied or used.

If you are the kind of person who sends flowers regularly, then it is a good idea to sign up with the online florist website to get emails with coupons, offers and deals on specific products.

Check out the Deal of the day

The other good option is to go for the deal of the day offer. Some online stores will have a specific offer for selected products and this is called the “deal of the day”. You can easily save up to 15% when you opt for this. This is really the best deal if you have a set budget and don’t want to exceed it. Basically there is a dedicated deal of the day page/section in many online florist websites where all the offers are listed with prices that are discounted.

You should get a notification in your emails by the online store as and when the deal of the day section has something new or is updated.

Opt-in for Reward programs

When you buy flowers online and are registered with the store for their reward program, you earn points for every purchase you make. Depending on the point collected or earned, you will be able to get a bouquet for free. If you buy flowers regularly and have a preferred florist, then you should sign up for their rewards program.

Sometimes the rewards program is not open to signing up all the time. The store might open doors to their rewards program for a limited period; you should not delay and sign up before the period expires.

Shipping Cost

Shipping charges is one factor that can really affect the final price. Some online florist will offer free shipping for the first order and charge from the next order onwards. Some will always keep it free and this is the kind of online florist that you should consider to be your regular service provider. Savings up to $15 is very common when the flowers are shipped for free.

To summarize, following the above 4 tips will surely help you in getting the best deal when you shop for flower online. You can save a lot by selecting the right online florist. Searching online and reading reviews from existing customers is a great way to know if the store is good or not.

Searching for Coupons – Is the effort worth it?

When we shop online, there are many benefits to this mode of shopping. You shop from the comfort of your home; the product is delivered to your doorstep, more variety of choices, lower prices and not to forget more savings using online coupons. Shoppers have become very smart and search for coupons for literally everything they plan to purchase. It makes perfect sense to search and use a coupon as all it does is save money. There are numerous other ways to save money online like special sales, discounts, deal of the day and coupons. Here we will discuss mainly using online coupons.

Nowadays every online store offers coupons to shoppers. The deals can be a discount, free shipping or even a free gift. This lures the customer to come back to the store website for more new offers and services. The shoppers can then get access to the new products before finally ordering it. This is not only good for business but it also helps shoppers save some money making this a win-win situation for all. There are some special websites that list coupons for online and as well as offline store. Using an online coupon is pretty straight forward; the most common way to use it is in the shopping cart before making the final payment. For the walk-in store coupon, you will have to take a printout to the store and produce it at the payment counter to avail of the offer.

Initially, most of the offers and deals were limited to a number of users and many a time customers could hardly find online coupons. Even if they did manage to get one, there was no surety of it working. Today, there are sites flooded with deals and offers, and the coupons are of different combination. Some are valid for one day; some has no validity period while some are specific to a product or a category of products. There are also websites that are termed as aggregator site where offers like coupons, bargains, daily deals and more are all under one domain. This is made for the ease of consumers as they save time by not having to visit multiple sites for different deals and coupons. It is one simple interface for every bargain.

Finally, irrespective of what you are shopping, there is a coupon deal for everything. Electronics, furniture, grocery, flights, hotels or even as a walk-in to a local store, searching for a coupon is worth the effort as it helps you save your hard-earned money.

Points to remember when buying accessories for smartphones

Buying mobile is like purchasing any other product these days. After buying the new mobile, there are some accessories that have to be purchased. Shopping accessories for a mobile phone is not that difficult as compared to buying a mobile phone. But just like every product purchases, you have to look into certain facts pertaining to the accessories that you want to buy.

1. Features

Smartphone accessories can be categorized as active and passive. As the word clearly suggests, passive accessories do not have any functional aspect to its usability. Examples of passive accessories are phone covers and screen guard or skin.  Whereas active accessories have functions that add value to the phone such as the wireless Bluetooth headset or speakers and the camera lens. Thus it is important to know as much as possible about these before purchasing them.

The basic function of a Bluetooth speaker is to make the sound louder or rather amplify the sound. But with the advancement of technology, some of these also work as a phone charging dock. These are additional features that might or might not be of use to you. Every extra feature comes with a cost; therefore it’s advisable to understand all features of the product.

2. Buy Branded

Always buy branded accessories for your smartphone. Branded does not always mean expensive. There are some accessories that are not expensive but have good features.

3. Warranty and Return Policy

The best way to know if a product will last long and is durable is by seeing the warranty duration. If a company is giving a warranty for a product, then it can be assumed that the product is good and will work longer. Apart from the warranty, the suitability of the product is also depended on the cost and quality of the product. The process of return should also be easy.

4. Coupons and Price Drop Websites

Saving money has become a trend when it comes to online shopping. There are many ways to save money when you shop for anything online. Speciality websites like Coupon Deal and Price Drops will provide you with discount codes and notifications if a product price has reduced. Keeping a track on these tools can help you save money.

5. User-Friendly

Some accessories should be as user-friendly as possible. For example, if you are buying a smartwatch to accompany your mobile phone, be sure that you are comfortable with its design and using it is easy and user-friendly.

To summarize, following the tips provided in this article will help you to make an informed decision in terms of the smartphone accessories you are purchasing.

What does a Coupon Code do for Online Shoppers?

Technology has played a big role in the development of online shopping over the past few years. You no longer have to travel all the way to the supermarket to shop for your daily needs. Online shopping has made everything easy right from the comfort of your home. You can buy anything online. Grocery, electronics, books, furniture and the list can go on. To make shopping online for lucrative, stores give out free coupons and discounts deals during shopping season and other occasions. How do coupons help shoppers? Below is the answer to this.

Savings in cost

A coupon basically provides online shoppers with an instant discount from a store listed under the deal site. A store gives out online coupons for a special occasion like Labor Day, Christmas shopping season and more. Some stores offer coupons to lure first-time visitors into shoppers. Numerous stores list out offers and promo codes in the special deal sites which are updated regularly. You need to keep a watch in these sites for the latest deals and offers. Good offers and deals and usually a time limit. Grab a good deal on time to save maximum.

Free shipping offers

Apart from a few stores, there is a delivery charge by nearly all stores. The shipping rate is either fixed or automatically calculated during the checkout process. This is done on the basis of the product value or shipping distance. Some stores will set a threshold of a certain amount like $300 or more and waive off the shipping cost. Just like coupons to get discounts, there are times when stores will also offer free shipping with or without a coupon code. This offer can be applied on a certain day of the week or even maybe for a selected day.

Shopping with full freedom

As mentioned above, good coupons have a time limit; still, there are some stores that offer coupons with a long validity period. This means that the shopper has ample time to look for the product they want and use the code provided to save maximum. Apart from offseason coupons, there are special deals and promo codes provided by many online stores with huge discounts but with some restrictions. This should be well-read and understood before assuming that the coupon is applicable on all products.

Online stores provide promo codes to shoppers to get customers to shop at the store.  Using a coupon during the shopping season can help you get for out of your set budget. Once a shopper sign-up with a store, promotional offers and coupons will automatically be sent to them via emails and they will be the first one to be intimated about the latest stock and deals.